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The Wiggles. May 12, 2007

Posted by uio9trhijgvn in Uncategorized.

I hope you like it! This is Uio. The Wiggles are very good at singing. Lol jk. Just watch da vid!


AM BACK AGAIN! April 23, 2007

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Hello its been weeks sense ive been on
but am coming to my senses that am going to come back to club penguin
and now i have no friends and if anybody wanna do something like interview me or
something go ahead.And the CPF is falling and i dont know what to do anymore
Some 1 help me!!!!

Letter to joem25(pls read joem) April 2, 2007

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This is neltron
This letter is ment for joem
Dear joem25,
How would u like to join my army again?
I never thought u had it in u
To bad u attack me when i didnt know.
Well my army wasnt on exept blatron
PS thanks u blatron so much
and How would u like to run almost my whole army
You can be commander
Yes commander
I will let u be admin of my site
And also apart of the CPF secret meeting
yes i know u havnt heard of that i been needing to tell the army
but its secret thats why am always busy with CPF stuff
I cannot say who is in the meeting
but u can actually run the meeting
almost but me and fertron are still leaders
And i can show u a secret website on secret and a little bit of hacking site
only some ppl know
so joem if u say no…
U are losing a big opertunity
Till then….
Cya later!

PS:Fertron is premoted to co leader

AM back!!!!!! March 31, 2007

Posted by Neltron1234 in Uncategorized.

Hello this is neltron and am back
and i got a penguin its called
ok so if u see me thats me
and its a memember
PS Thanks blatron

Special Opps Leader Needed March 29, 2007

Posted by Fertron13 in Uncategorized.

ok if you want to be Special opps leader

pls comment and say why are you good to be special opps  leader

We need Troops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! March 26, 2007

Posted by Fertron13 in Uncategorized.

Hello this is Fertron13.The CPF need troops there are some opening that you can get but you have to be a member.

Look at where it say CPF if you like any opening comment on what you want to be and me and neltron will see what we can do.

that all for know.

Sorry about the party!!!!reschueled to 26 March 25, 2007

Posted by Fertron13 in Uncategorized.

Hi this is fertron13.i am very sorry that me and neltron couldn’t make it so we are making the party march 26

same place=mammoth

5:30-6:00 penguin standard time

in Fetron13 igloo

Am back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! March 24, 2007

Posted by Neltron1234 in Uncategorized.

this is neltron1234
I have thought about it
and i will stay in the CPF and club penguin ok
So happy news i want ppl to get in there uniforms and
getting back in action
unfortunately i dont have a account
ill try to get one soon and well get ppl to come here to my site and also tell them am back
i just made a movie ”A unlucky penguin”
ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The party had to me moved
When:March 25 2007 – 5:30pm Penguin Standard time till – 6:00pm Penguin Standard time
Where:Mammoth in fertron13 igloo-on the map
oh and i will be in a newb account neltron123 be his buddy ok
and well um
Am glad am back and
Pls visit this forum made by pc1203
I am also admin of the forum

Till then…..
Cya later!!!
am sorry i couldnt go the party


Posted by uio9trhijgvn in Uncategorized.

Some retard banned me forever!!! I know it’s either Ratnsa, 1fiddy, or i c f! Noww LISTEN UP! Everyone call 1-888-861-4111 or 1-250-861-5111 or e-mail support@clubpenguin.com We can do this together!

Neltron1234:Help me get UNBANNED!!!!!!

Vote!!!!! March 13, 2007

Posted by Neltron1234 in Uncategorized.

This is neltron
i know i havnt been posting but am still in shock from being banned
I have no user or nothing.Well i think this is the end of the CPF
pls VOTE yes or no if the CPF should be over and um
you can VOTE on if i should SHUT DOWN THIS SITE
and say why
i dont want anybodys user
i liked the name neltron1234
and now well
i cant name a other user neltron9231
because i cant get a member ship well